There be Dragons at the Library!

There be Dragons at the Library! Reading Dragons is a program that helps encourage kids to keep up the habit of reading all year long! Beginning September 1st, participants can pick up a starter kit from any branch of the Indian River County Library System and start earning dragons!

The Starter Kit includes a Tracker and three starter cards. The starter cards will allow you to start playing right away. Instructions for games are included on your Tracker. To earn a new card, students must fill in a block on the Tracker by reading for 30 minutes.

Four different dragons (and sometimes Griffins and Unicorns) are available to earn each month. Each dragon has four variations; egg, child, teen and adult. That’s a total of sixteen individual cards per month. Additional cards will also be available to earn through attending programs, special events, and more to be announced.

Tournaments will be planned in a few months, once everyone has had an opportunity to earn several cards.

Where did the dragon cards come from? How are there so many different kinds? The original line art was designed by Mallory Thompson of the Children’s Department of the Dover Public Library in Dover, Ohio. The unique colors and themes for each dragon were then created by the Dover library staff. We graciously thank them for sharing all of the files and information about this program for free, so that libraries around the country, like ours, can share it with our patrons! Miss Thalia of the IRC Main Library has already added her own cards to be earned through her Drawing Class. And YOU will be given the opportunity to create your own as the program progresses, as well!