How to Get a Library Card

You can visit any branch of the Indian River County Library and get a library card if you can show proof of residency within Indian River County.

Any of the following can be used as proof of residency:

  1. Tax record for property ownership in the county
  2. State of Florida driver’s license showing an Indian River County address
  3. Rental lease for a minimum of six (6) months in the county
  4. Current voter’s registration card for the county
  5. Current verification of a child’s registration in county schools
  6. High school identification card or accepted form from middle school and/or junior high
  7. Current automobile registration with county address
  8. Proof of employment as a certified teacher (or faculty) in an Indian River school
  9. Current utility bill

Children’s cards for children and youths (under age 16) must be co-signed by a parent/guardian/grandparent. The home or work telephone number of the parent/guardian/grandparent must be on file in the library. The responsibility for what a minor borrows rests with the parent/guardian/grandparent. All costs associated with fines, replacement, lost, or damaged items are the responsibility of the parent/guardian/grandparent.

Library cards are valid for two years from the patron’s birthdate. Patrons must bring library cards into the library to be updated.

Non-Residents of Indian River County: Anyone who is unable to meet one of the necessary residency requirements as stated above may apply for a non-resident library card. The fee for a non-resident card is $10.00 for a 3 month card, $20.00 for a six month card, and $30.00 for a 12 month card. These cards may be renewed at the end of the appropriate time period at the same cost.

Computer only cards may be purchased for $5.00 annually. An application must be filled out and appropriate identification shown.

Lost or stolen library cards should be reported to the library system as soon as the loss is noted. A $2.00 replacement fee will be charged.

Card Holder’s Statement of Responsibility:
Borrower’s must understand their responsibility as stated here (and as printed on each library application): “I understand when I receive my Indian River County Library System library card that I am responsible for following all library policies and procedures with regard to the borrowing and returning of library materials. I am responsible for all materials checked out of the library system on my library card and will pay all appropriate charges for lost or damaged materials and for materials returned after their due date. Failure to return library materials may also be in violation of local ordinances and could result in a misdemeanor charge being filed.” Adults co-signing a minor’s application are also subject to the above.